Cecret Lake

I suffered a pretty sever mountain biking crash back on July 7th; more on that another time. Long story short, since I can’t ride a bike for the rest of the calendar year, hiking is my new biking. On the way to Cecret Lake up in Alta one evening back in July I came across this, thankfully friendly, dude.


A few switchbacks later, we landed here and watched as the trees turned to silhouettes as the sun set.


July | 2012


Sunday, May 20th…

…Was a GREAT day! JayD, Kris and myself were at a party the night before and, as the night rolled on, discussions of a Sunday ski mission kept popping up. If it’s still white, might as well ski it, right?

JayD and Kris on the final approach to our goal, the North face of Mt. Superior; corn snow ripe for harvesting.

Kris keeping things tight and right as he farms his line.

Shooting the gap for one last look at our day’s main objective before we popped back over the ridge into Little Cottonwood.

JayD, shorts and steez, on the final descent back into Little Cottonwood.


This is the infamous LOOK road bike, of which, I’m the fourth owner. It’s been handed down between four friends thus far; when one was finished with it, they passed it along to the next suitor. Truth be told, I’ve gotten a little comfy with this gem…so much that I could be the final owner…say what? It’s a fun, fast little whip. That’s me with the ghetto urban camo bar tape; see you around town.


Friends, followers, random readers and the occasional passers-by, if you’ve heard of Instacanv.as, rad! If not, it’s a pretty cool deal. I’ve been posting tons of my Instagram photos lately; they’re something I’ve enjoyed sharing with people who perhaps aren’t Instagram users themselves. Regarding those photos specifically, seen any you’ve liked? Enough, maybe, perhaps, that you were lying in bed one evening thinking, “damn, that one photo would look amazing hanging on my wall. I wish there was some way to……” Hmmmmmm…..PRINT THAT PHOTO ON A CANVAS?!?! Well, you’re in luck, as this pipe dream of yours could very well become a reality. Instacanv.as galleries require a little ‘fan input’ if you will. Below is my gallery request listing – if you drop that URL in your browser and head over to it, you’d be able to make a request that my gallery be open sooner. You know, in case you’re really jonesing for that one photo – you know I know which one. Any and all support is much appreciated. Hugs, jp.

PS – here’s the direct link to my gallery-opening-request page.

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